Benefits of pollen: why and how to include it in your diet for optimal health


Is it good to eat pollen?

Oui ! ” It is a food with high nutritional value which healthily nourishes the body, restores digestive function by acting positively on the microbiota, and regulates appetite », explains Fabienne Velozo, Pollenergie apitherapy advisor.

The vertus of pollen

Pollen is rich in plant proteins: it contains around 20%.

“Its plant proteins are as satiating as animal proteins. In addition, they are less acidifying for the body and more ecological! », specifies the apitherapy advisor.

Plant pollen proteins are also rich in protective micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants).

Pollen also contains soluble and insoluble fiber, on average between 12 and 13 g per 100 ga contribution similar to that of prunes, dried apricots, and more than artichokes, salsify or lentils.

“Soluble fiber, mixed with water, helps lower blood cholesterol. They also act at the level of the intestine to slow down the absorption of carbohydrateset improve glycemic control »explains Fabienne Velozo.

As for insoluble fiber, they also act on several levels: “they increase the volume of stools and regulate intestinal function, specifies the apitherapy advisor. They slow down digestion, which promotes satiety and helps control appetite. »

Pollen also plays a role in psychological and moral balance.“Pollen provides antioxidants and carotenoids, substances which allow you to regain energy, which energize, which bring a certain well-being against depression”specifies Fabienne Velozo.

Does pollen make your breasts enlarge?

Although we often hear that pollen makes you gain weight, this statement is false! Pollen even participates in moderate the appetite for fatty and sweet foodsknown to cause weight gain, particularly due to their intake of empty calories.

Which pollen to lose weight?

While all pollens are good, some are more suitable for people who want to monitor their figure.

“As part of a slimming treatment, we can opt for cyst pollen to take for 3 weeks,” recommends the apitherapy advisor.

It contains probiotics good for the microbiota and the digestive system. It also promotes detoxification of the body. “What promotes weight lossconcludes Fabienne Velozo. And to maximize this weight loss, you can continue a 3-week treatment of hawthorn pollen, rich in plant proteins since it contains 24%. »

To lose weight, you don't have to limit yourself to a 6-week pollen cure, you can take it without interruption by alternating between cyst pollen, hawthorn pollen or a multi-pollen like Nutripollen (hawthorn-cistus-willow). ).

How to consume pollen?

As part of a slimming goalit is advisable to consume pollen at breakfast.“During this first meal of the day, pollen helps moderate the appetite for fatty and sweet foodsspecifies the apitherapy advisor. It can be consumed between 12 and 15 g, either a level or rounded tablespoon. Which is about 50 calories. »

Pollen, taken at breakfast, has several benefits: it allows you to better assimilate the other proteins of the dayand of limit your craving for sugar or fat for the rest of the day.

How to take it? “Pollen is not consumed alonewarns Fabienne Velozo. It can be combined with a seasonal fruit salad or compote as a support. Pollen being a symbiotic which allows better digestive functioning, it will be better assimilated thanks to the prebiotics in the fruits. It is also advisable to combine it with a small source of fat, like a teaspoon of flaxseed or rapeseed oil or ½ avocado to maximize the absorption of its carotenoids. »

Aspects of pollen

Pollen can vary in color from yellow to brown depending on the flower it comes from. It also comes in several forms: dry, fresh, frozen, in capsules, in capsules, in tablets, etc.

Does pollen in pellets make you gain weight?

No, pollen is a healthy food that strengthens immunity and rebalances natural functions.

Can you eat pollen in the evening?

There is no no contraindications to eating pollen in the eveningbut it will not, then, be with the objective of weight loss.

“We can move towards willow pollen,” advises Fabienne Velozo. The latter is particularly recommended for seniors because it protects eyesight and the prostate. You can take a teaspoonful in the evening, in addition to that in the morning. »

Another pollen is also suitable at the end of the day: that of chestnut. “In addition to its protective and antioxidant qualities, it is soothingexplains the apitherapy advisor. It should be taken around 5 p.m. or at dinner when the body secretes serotonin, because it contains tryptophan and vitamin B6 which promote sleep. »

What are the disadvantages of pollen?

There are, of course, certain precautions to take. Pollen of any kind should not be consumed in the following cases:

– In case of'allergy to bee products.

– In case of multiple food allergies because of risks of cross allergy.

Pollen should not be given to children under two years oldtheir intestinal flora not being completely diversified.

” On the other hand, explains Fabienne Velozo, there are no contraindications in case of hay fever, nor for pregnant or breastfeeding women. »

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