Does watermelon make you gain weight?


What’s the lowest calorie fruit?

Summer season is the fruit season par excellence. The selection is huge: strawberry, melon, watermelon, nectarine, peach, raspberry, redcurrant… There’s something for all tastes and all colours.

Watermelon is repeatedly supplied as a dessert in summer time as a result of it’s the second lowest-calorie summer time fruit after strawberries. Aurore Lavergnat, dietitian-nutritionist

And the professional provides: “Strawberries present 38 energy per 100 g, and watermelon 39 energy, which is lower than raspberries with 49 energy, nectarines with 51 energy or melon with 62 energy. »

So, a portion of 100 to 150 g of watermelon gives solely between 39 and 58 energy, not more than pure yogurt or an apple!

Does watermelon make you achieve weight?

The reply isn’t any ! “Watermelon is low in energy, as we now have simply seen. She is nearly freed from proteins and lipids and incorporates solely 8 g of carbohydrates, signifies the dietitian-nutritionist. Actually, it’s greater than rhubarb, lemon or redcurrant, however lower than mango, cherry, banana or grape which give between 12 g and 20 g per 100 g. »

Though having an inexpensive sugar content material, watermelon does have a little bit candy style. The place is he from ? “It is because its carbohydrates are made up of fructose and sucrose with important sweetening energy”specifies the dietitian-nutritionist.

Water content material of watermelon

“Watermelon can be wealthy in water with 91% and low in sodium, specifies the dietitian-nutritionist. It subsequently contributes to good hydration of the physique. » and likewise helps struggle towards water retention, from which we undergo extra in summer time when it’s sizzling. »

What glycemic index?

Watermelon has a slightly excessive glycemic index: it’s 70. “For this reason it’s advisable to eat it as a part of lunch or dinner with a view to decrease its glycemic load, slightly than by itself,” advises Aurore Lavergnat.

The watermelon weight loss program

On the identical precept because the soup weight loss program or the lemon weight loss program, there are followers of the ‘watermelon weight loss program’. This includes, for a number of days, consuming solely watermelon: morning, midday, night, or an entire watermelon, with the goal of detoxifying your physique and shedding weight. Making use of this weight loss program shouldn’t be a good suggestion. clarify why :

Watermelon incorporates primarily water and a little bit carbohydrate. With out proteins, with out lipids and with few nutritional vitamins and minerals, it doesn’t meet the physique’s important wants in macronutrients and micronutrients. Aurore Lavergnat

And so as to add: “Moreover, on account of its excessive glycemic index, if watermelon is consumed alone, particularly all day lengthy, blood sugar ranges threat continuously yo-yoing, inflicting cravings and, doubtlessly, in the end, growing insulin resistance if this sort of weight loss program is common. »

What are the advantages of watermelon?

Along with its low calorie content material and its richness in water with hydrating energy, watermelon has different advantages hidden in its flesh.

Watermelon and nutritional vitamins

The watermelon is wealthy in beta-carotene : it gives 1,220 micrograms per 100 g. “That is greater than 100% of the every day wants,” specifies the dietitian-nutritionist. Beta-carotene is an antioxidant which traps free radicals. Additionally it is helpful for good pores and skin and imaginative and prescient well being,” underlines the professional.

Other than beta-carotene, we additionally discover minerals: notably potassium at a price of 100 mg per 100 g, a little bit magnesium: 11 mg per 100 g and vitamin B9 (folate): 37 micrograms per 100 g. « The potassium is an attention-grabbing mineral as a result of it has a diuretic impact and helps struggle towards water retention from which we undergo extra in summer time. Moreover, watermelon is low in sodium. »

Watermelon additionally gives 13% of the every day requirement of vitamin B9.

Vitamin B9 is especially essential for pregnant ladies, as a result of it contributes to the correct improvement of the fetal nervous system. Aurore Lavergnat

It isn’t simply the nutritional vitamins and minerals which are attention-grabbing in watermelon. It additionally incorporates citrullinean amino acid of which it’s the richest meals, of the cholinean natural compound and lycopene, an antioxidant. “Citrulline is nice for vascular well being as a result of it will increase the vitality of the vessels and promotes their dilation, explains Aurore Lavergnat. It additionally performs a useful position within the immune system. As for choline and lycopene, they’ve anti-inflammatory properties on the physique. »

Watermelon and constipation

The fiber content material of watermelon shouldn’t be very excessive, “however they’re typically higher tolerated than these of melon, and likewise stimulate intestinal transit”, specifies Aurore Lavergnat.

What are the harms of watermelon?

Like many fruits, if it’s not natural, it might comprise pesticide residues, and specifically methomyl, a pesticide not licensed in France, however utilized in Morocco, a rustic which exports watermelons.

Watermelon can be the reason for oral allergy syndrome with itching of the mouth, lips, swelling of the throat which may trigger problem respiration. You will need to then name emergency providers rapidly.

Why not eat watermelon within the night?

It isn’t a query of depriving your self of watermelon, for dessert, at dinner, however of consuming it in small portions, particularly in case you undergo from digestive heaviness.

The watermelon is stuffed with water, and at night time digestion happens extra slowly, which may result in digestive issues. Aurore Lavergnat

Its richness in water may additionally require getting up at night time to urinate, and subsequently disrupting sleep.

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