How to make a light raclette? Recipes and tips


Reminder: the traditional raclette recipe

Slices of Savoie raclette cheese (plain, smoked, with pepper, with truffle… your choice), steamed or boiled potatoes, various cold meats: rosette, dry sausage, country ham , white ham, Graubünden meat, coppa… are the essential ingredients of a traditional and gourmet raclette party, much appreciated for its conviviality in winter.

The principle is simple: each guest melts a slice of raclette cheese in a small pan provided and covers the ingredients of their choice (potato and cold meats). Depending on taste, pickles or some pickled onions can be added to bring a touch of acidity and spice.

The average quantities per guest are:

  • 100 to 200 g of raclette cheese ;
  • 3 to 4 potatoes (150 to 300 g) ;
  • 150 g of cold meats ;
  • pickles and onions : according to taste.

Is raclette cheese high in calories?

The Raclette cheese contains on average 340 calories per 100 grams, which makes it a rather rich food in absolute terms, but moderately rich in the cheese family. It is therefore more caloric than certain low-fat cheeses – cancoillotte (150 cal/100 g), fresh goat's cheese (200 cal/100 g), mozzarella (230 cal/100 g), but less than others, such as Brillat-Savarin (400 cal/100 g) or parmesan (410 cal/100 g).

How many calories in a serving of raclette?

On average, a serving of raclette for an adult provides between 340 to 680 calories of cheese, 140 to 280 calories of potatoes and 230 to 345 calories of cold meats.

It is therefore necessary to count between 710 and 1,300 calories for a portion of raclette, depending on the quantity consumed and the ingredients chosen.

For comparison, a large portion of tartiflette provides 700 calories about and one menu Big Mac (a medium portion of fries, a packet of mayonnaise sauce and a medium Coke) counts 1,020 calories.

Cancoillotte, Merzer, mozza: which low-fat cheese to replace raclette cheese?

Although raclette can be a very high-calorie dish if you don't control the quantities consumed, there is no question of doing without these friendly moments of sharing and pleasure! It is fortunately possible to reduce energy intake by significantly adapting the recipe.

Cheese being the main ingredient of raclette, and also the richest, one of the main ways to lighten this dish is toopt for a less fatty cheese. And the good news is that almost all cheeses can be played with raclette!,Among the lowest calorie cheeseswhich go well with potatoes and cold meats, we find:

  • la cancoillotte : with only 152 kcal per 100 g, it is the lowest-calorie cheese that exists, and it is a perfect protagonist for a raclette. There are several versions: with garlic, green pepper, white wine or even shallots… to vary the pleasures;
  • the Merzer : this naturally light cheese has only 200 kcal per 100 g and melts perfectly in the pan. It is a perfect light substitute for raclette cheese;
  • mozzarella : With only 225 kcal per 100 g, mozzarella is a very good alternative to raclette cheese! It brings a little new Italian touch to this mountain dish.

Healthy recipe ideas: how to lighten up raclette to eat it when you're on a diet?

First of all, let's note that as long as we remain reasonable in the quantities consumed, a raclette provides 700 calorieswhat can fit correctly into a balanced dayprovided you eat light at other meals.

For people who watch their weight and therefore drastically limit their caloric intake, it is possible to lighten the traditional raclette recipe. In addition to the choice of cheese, there is then several tips to make raclette healthier and lighter.

Raclette without potatoes but with vegetables

Although the potato is one of the lowest-calorie starchy foods, it nonetheless remains a starchy food, and therefore a food rich in starch. To lighten and “pimp” a raclette, you can swap it, all or part, for vegetables, which are lower in calories but richer in vitamins and minerals. Among those that lend themselves well to the game, we find:

  • the potimarron,
  • the butternut squash,
  • the the hub,
  • THE mushrooms of Paris,
  • or even carrots.

You can also have fun slipping half cherry tomatoes, slices of zucchini and/or onions into the pan with the cheese.

Finally, we can opt for Yamwhich remains a starchy food but whose glycemic index is lower than that of potatoes, and which is therefore a better slimming alternative.

The lightest cold meats

The choice of cold meats used is of course essential to control the caloric value of your raclette. There is indeed a great disparity between the so-called fatty cold meats, such as rosette, dry smoked sausage or salami, which have an average of 380 calories for 30 g of lipids per 100 g, and so-called lean cold meatswhite ham, country ham, Graubünden meat, which provide between 120 and 200 calories and 5 to 10 g of lipids.

By limiting yourself to lean cold meats, with a thin slice of white ham, 2 small slices of Graubünden meat and a slice of low-fat country ham, you can easily “save” around a hundred calories.

It is also possible to think outside the box and add slices of chicken or turkey breastslices of baconor even salmon or smoked trout…

A nice green salad

Green salad, lamb's lettuce, arugula, sliced ​​button mushrooms, cherry tomatoes… a nice salad provides fiber, vitamins and minerals, but it above all helps to achieve the feeling of satiety more quickly and therefore to limit the quantities of raclette consumed. Moreover, fibers that it contains form a net around the food bolus in the digestive tract, significantly reduce the absorption of fats and sugars of the meal and lower its glycemic index.

Attention au dessert

Raclette already brings its share of fats and calories, so for fans of a sweet touch at the end of a meal, a light dessert is essential!
We therefore carefully avoid any pastry, ice cream or cake that would cause the meal's calorie counter to explode. We prefer them fresh fruit desserts : winter fruit salad with chopped mint leaves, orange carpaccio with spices, pineapple carpaccio with lime and ginger, oven-roasted apple with cinnamon…

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