Does hamburger steak make you gain weight?


The composition of minced steak

On average, a standard minced steak purchased from the butcher weighs 125 g, but some weigh 150 to 180 g depending on the size of steak requested (small, medium, large). There Beef used to make minced steak can be shanked, planchet, scoter but also filet, you rum steak. You should check with your butcher.

On distingue three types of minced steak depending on their fat content: 5 %, 10 % et 15 %. These contents are approximate.

5% minced steak contains between 3 and 5% lipids, that of 10% can go up to 11 to 12 g and that of 15% up to around 16 g. Aurore Lavergnat, dietician-nutritionist.

Ground steak and proteins

The protein content of ground steak varies depending on the amount of fat, but is comparable to that of a chicken or turkey breast. “It is on average 23.5 g, specifies the dietician-nutritionist. But it is more important in the 5% minced steak with 26 g of protein, compared to 22.5 g for that with 15% fat. »

Calories in minced steak

Caloric intake varies depending on fat content. On average, a minced steak provides 230 calories per 100 g.“Less when it comes to a 5% minced steak which provides only 155 calories, compared to 239 for a 15% minced steak, and when it reaches 20% fat, the caloric intake rises to 265,” explains the dietitian-nutritionist.

What are the benefits of ground steak?

If the National Nutrition and Health Program (PNNS) recommends do not eat more than 500 g of red meat weekthere is no question, however, of depriving yourself of its benefits, while remaining reasonable!

Ground steak and iron

Ground beef provides between 2.4 g and 2.8 g of iron per 100 g.

This is heme iron that is well absorbed by the body, specifies Aurore Lavergnat. Iron is essential for the formation of red blood cells, the fight against anemia and the strengthening of the immune system.

It’s not just iron that’s interesting in ground steak. This meat contains other minerals: you phosphorus, you potassium, you zinc… “These substances are useful for bones and teeth, good muscle health, strengthening immunity,” explains the dietitian-nutritionist.

We must also not forget the vitamins, especially those of group B (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 and B12). “B group vitamins have numerous actions in the body, informs Aurore Lavergnat. They play a role in the release of energy in the body, but also in combating stress, reduce fatigue, synthesizing hormones strengthen the nerves…”

And as seen above, its good protein content. “These are essential for the muscles and also provide rapid satiety,” specifies the dietician-nutritionist.

Which steak to lose weight?

“As part of a weight loss diet, you should prefer minced steak with 5% fat, advises Aurore Lavergnat. It contains less lipids and more proteins. However, the latter maintains muscle mass and allows, during a meal, to quickly obtain a feeling of satiety, and therefore to limit snacking between lunch and dinner. »

A balanced meal with chopped steak

“During a slimming diet, you can accompany your minced steak with a portion of vegetables which provide fiber, which is also satiating, and which contain vitamins and minerals, as well as a small portion of complex carbohydrates such as quinoa, brown rice and fresh fruit for dessert,” suggests the dietitian-nutritionist.

For the portion of vegetables, we count between 100 and 150 g minimum per meal, either a dessert plate or a small bowl of raw vegetables, green vegetables, salad, etc.

To consume in moderation

“The consumption of ground steak must fit into a varied and balanced diet, recalls Aurore Lavergnat. As a reminder, the WHO advises not to exceed 300 to 500 g of red meat per week, that is to say beef, mutton, lamb, horse, but also pork and veal. This type of meat can increase the risk of suffering from colorectal cancer, but also cardiovascular diseases. »

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