Does oat milk make you gain weight?


The composition of oat milk

The oat milkor rather the oat juicebecause French regulations only authorize the name ‘milk’ for animal products, except coconut milk and almond milk, because these names are old.

The oat juicelike other vegetable juices, have a nutritional composition radically different from cow’s, goat’s or sheep’s milk.

Oat milk and calories

Oat juice or oat drink contains 42.5 calories per 100 g. This is more than soy juice which only provides 35,8“but the latter is not recommended for pregnant women and children due to the presence of isoflavones”, warns the dietician-nutritionist.

Another less caloric drink than oat juice: almond milk who brings it 36.3 per 100 g. “This is because almond milk contains a lower percentage of almonds in its composition than oats in the juice of the same name”specifies the dietitian-nutritionist.

However, oat juice is less calories than rice juice with its 53.6 calories per 100 g. “Its energy value is between skimmed milk and semi-skimmed cow’s milk”specifies Maïwenn le Goff, dietitian-nutritionist at Saveurs et Vie.

Oat milk and protein

“Oat juice is practically free of protein since it contains less than 0.5 g per 100 gspecifies the expert.

Oat milk therefore has no satiating effect, but satiation is rarely provided by a drink. Maïwenn Le Goff, dietitian-nutritionist

Half-skimmed cow’s milk provides a little more than 3 g per 100 g, and skimmed cow’s milk 3.5 g. Only soy milk has a protein contribution like cow’s milk: 3.7 g per 100 g.

Oat milk and lipids

“Oat milk contains 1.1 g of lipids per 100 g, which is very little, specifies the dietician-nutritionist. However, it contains few saturated fatty acids and contains essential omega-6 fatty acids and omega-9. »

The disadvantages of oat milk

In fact, oat milk consists mainly of water: 90.5%, oats and sunflower oil. “Sometimes there may be added sugar,” warns the dietician-nutritionist. By its composition, it provides practically no minerals: a little chloride, phosphorus, potassium. It is practically free of calcium with only 1 g per 100 g. “However, oat milk can be enriched with calcium and vitamin D. But the calcium remains less well absorbed than that of cow’s milk,” underlines the dietitian-nutritionist

You should also remember to shake your milk carton to benefit from the calcium, otherwise it will settle to the bottom!

Nutritional values ​​of oat drink

What are the benefits of oat milk?

Despite its relatively poor nutritional composition, oat juice still has benefits!

“Oat milk is an interesting drink for people with lactose intolerance because it does not contain any,” explains Maïwenn Le Goff, dietitian-nutritionist at Saveurs et Vie. In France, it is estimated that there are approximately 20% lactose intolerant. The latter is linked to a deficiency in an enzyme necessary for the assimilation of lactose: lactase.

“Oat milk is also popular with vegetarians and vegans as well as people who suffer from high cholesterol, since it does not contain cholesterol,” completes the dietitian-nutritionist. Be careful, however, in the event of hypercholesterolemia coconut milk which contains nearly 18 g of lipids per 100 gincluding many saturated fatty acids!

How to drink oat milk to lose weight?

No food or drink makes you gain weight as such, it’s a matter of frequency of consumption and quantity!

Oat milk has a low energy density, hence its interest in a slimming diet. Maïwenn Le Goff.

Plus, it’s refreshing. It is definitely to be preferred to sodas or industrial fruit juices!

“Oat milk also has a low glycemic index. It is 35informs the dietician-nutritionist. It therefore does not create a blood sugar spike which could subsequently lead to food cravings. »

Be careful, however, with rice juice which has a high glycemic index: 85 or with chestnut juice, which are rich in carbohydrates. They are therefore not recommended for those who want to lose a few pounds.

Can you drink oat milk in the evening?

“Oat milk can be drunk at any time of the day, and in the evening without any problem, specifies Maïwenn Le Goff. Especially since it contains tryptophan, an amino acid precursor of melatonin, the hormone that helps you fall asleep. »

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